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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When is the best time to sell my business and why?

A: Often sellers focus on their own personal perspective or stage of life in determining the timing of a sale. Although this is an important factor in the equation, there are many other elements to consider. Buyers appreciate and reward positive trends in both revenue and profits. In addition, they look for a healthy income history as well as positive projections. Buyers try to predict future reimbursement trends and are cognizant of the industry climate in determining valuation. Selling prior to introduction of adverse legislation has allowed many sellers to realize exceptional values that they would not have received had they delayed their decision to sell.

Although a prospective buyer will be interested in a seller's motivation, real seller's premium is based on the buyer's perceived potential of both the industry and the selling company. The ideal time to sell is when you are ready to sell, when your company's revenues and profits are trending upward, and when your industry is viewed favorably by investors. The reality is that all three variables seldom simultaneously align. As a result, you may need to sell earlier, or later, than you anticipated depending on the conditions of your company and your industry to maximize your transaction.

Q: What is my business worth?

A: The truest answer is, "it depends." Several issues impact value:

Having previously worked on the buying side, Opus Partners knows how buyers approach valuation. We know what variables are included in their models. Since we are regularly involved in valuation discussions with buyers, we have a clear view of current market conditions and trends.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Contact Opus Partners and request a data questionnaire specific to your industry. As soon as you complete and return the brief data request, Opus Partners will develop a confidential, no obligation market assessment of your business free of charge.

We think it is important for sellers to understand the current market conditions prior to committing to the divestiture process. Opus Partners provides clear feedback so you may make an informed decision as to your next course of action.

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